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Welcome to Lifeblink!

What is Lifeblink?

Lifeblink is a social network that makes it easy to capture, organize and preserve personal memories through events, moments, places and Lifegroups.

Who can use Lifeblink?

Everyone! Create your profile first then simple create and manage other profiles. You can create profiles for your kids and parents, for your ancestors or event for your company. Use it as a private memory timeline or as a public resumé of your achievements.

What is a “Blink”?

A “Blink” is a specific moment in your life.

What kind of Blinks can I post?

We have created a list of popular Lifeblink moments for you to select from. Everything from getting married to getting a tattoo. You can event create your own Lifeblink category if it is not on our list. Make sure that you read our Acceptable Use terms before creating a Blink.

How many Blinks can I post?

You can post an unlimited amount of Blinks. But don’t forget, each calendar day can only contain (1) one Blink on it. Create a Blink Album to add more than one image to a single day.

What is a Blink Album?

Sometimes a single image doesn’t capture the moment. Creating a Blink Album will allow you to add additional photos to a Blink.

Does it cost money to use Lifeblink?

No. Lifeblink is free to use for individuals. Companies pay a yearly fee to preserve their corporate history.

Can I create multiple Lifeblink pages?

Yes. For instance, you can create Lifeblinks for all your children and manage them under one account. The best part is when they are old enough you can transfer their Lifeblink to them!

Can I start a Lifeblink page for someone and then transfer it to them?

Yes. Transferring a Lifeblink page is very easy. Just go to the “Manage Lifeblink Page” and click “Transfer” on the account that you would like to transfer. Enter in the person’s email address and they will become the new owner of that Lifeblink.

Can I create multiple Lifeblink pages for myself?

Yes. Some people create multiple personal accounts. Sometimes they like to keep a “Public” Lifeblink profile for the general public to view. Then they also create one or more “Private” Lifeblink accounts that track specific life events that they do not want to share with others.

Are Lifeblink pages public or private?

You determine if you want your Lifeblink to be public or private to the general public. You can also allow only your Followers to view your Lifeblink page. This allows you to share your life with your friends and family but not strangers.

Can I edit a Blink?

Yes. Click on the pencil icon to edit, delete, or hide a Blink.

Can I delete my Lifeblink Page?

Yes. We recommend that you don’t delete your public Lifeblink accounts because ultimately it serves a historical record. Celebrity and Legacy accounts cannot be deleted.

What is a Life of Honor account?

It’s our way of giving thanks to the military and emergency personnel who lost their lives while serving the country. We created a Life Group for these heroes so their lives can be shared and remembered forever.

What if I have a question not answered on this page?

We can’t address every question but feel free to email us at info@lifeblink.com.