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Extreme Points in the US

A list of the Northernmost, Southernmost, Easternmost, Westernmost, highest and lowest points in the US.

Badwater Basin in Death Valley
Death Valley, CA, USA
Mount Whitney California
Mount Whitney, California, USA
Lebanon, Kansas
Lebanon, KS, USA
Belle Fourche, South Dakota
Belle Fourche, SD, USA
Cape Alava Washington
Cape Alava, Washington, USA
Amatignak Island
Amatignak Island, Alaska, USA
Semisopochnoi Island
Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska, USA
West Quoddy Head Maine
West Quoddy Head, Lubec, ME, USA
Ka Lae, Hawaii
Kalae, Hawaii, USA
Angle, Minnesota
Angle Inlet, MN, USA
Point Barrow
Barrow, AK, USA
Key West-Southernmost Point of the Continental US
Florida Keys, Florida, USA