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Algeria - Sights to See

How many of these places have you visited? Share your photos.

Monument aux Morts - Monument of the Dead
Constantine, Algeria
Grande Poste d'Alger - Grand Post
Algiers, Algeria
Arch of Trajan - Roman Ruins Timgad
Timgad, Algeria
Ain El Fouara Fountain
Setif, Algeria
Ahmed Bey Palace
Constantine, Algeria
Djama'a al-Djedid - Jamaa El Jedid
Algiers, Algeria
Sidi M'Cid Bridge
Constantine, Algeria
Djamaa el Djazaïr - Great Mosque of Algiers
Mohammadia, Algeria
El Mechouar Palace - Zianide Royal Palace
Tlemcen, Algeria
Madghacen - Medracen - Medgha - Madghis
Batna, Algeria
Palais des Rais - Bastion 23
Algiers, Algeria
Emir Abdelkader Mosque
Constantine, Algeria